4-5 May, Trinity and APIZALS in Trelew!
17 Mar 2018 18:01 - APIZALS4-5 May, Trinity and APIZALS in Trelew!

Fantastic time at our XV Conference for Teachers -...
14 Jul 2017 18:33 - APIZALS

APIZALS Conference for Teachers! A summary of a wonderful experience On Friday 6 and Saturday 7 Oct [ ... ]

APIZALS 2014 took place at Hotel Patagonia Sur in Bariloche on 17 and 18 October.

Here's a summary of the speakers and titles we offered:


Mady Casco (sponsored by APIZALS): "Working with videos at an elementary level" and "Scaffolding a video segment and the role of the teacher"

Alejandra Ottolina (sponsored by Macmillan): "A.A.A. What really matters in the development of life skills" and "Conflict resolution: establishing common ground"

Concurrent sessions:

Juan Domingo Martínez: "ICTland"

Mónica Pérsico: "Languages and cultures in the classroom"

Celeste Grimau: "Games for every reason, games for every season, Halloween games"

María Cecilia Rivas and María Cecilia Torga: "Reading academic texts: the role of reading strategies and vocabulary"

Teté Manzur and Cecilia Zemborain: "Teaching young learners through interactive narrative"

Martha Nielsen: "The 5 C's and stories in the language classroom"

Rosana Glatigny: "Why journal writing in higher education?"

Linda Yael: "Creative use of images"

                                                                                You can find some of the materials used by the speakers here.

And more from our event:

We had delegates from different cities in Río Negro, Neuquén, Chubut, and...Salta!!

As it's become now a tradition, we enjoyed a lovely dinner at Jauja Restaurant where we had a chance to meet old and new friends and think about other events for 2015. We'll keep you posted!

On the last day of the conference we raffled one free registration for APIZALS 2015 and one free registration for FAAPI 2015 in Córdoba. The lucky winners were Cecilia Macchi and Carola Ganuza respectively. Congrats!!