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12 March, 2014

Sharing ELT theory and practice: Writing for an academic journal

Graham Hall (ELT Journal Editor) and a group of Argentinian authors shared their experiences on academic writing. This event took place at Facultad de Lenguas, UnComa, General Roca (RN).

Graham said that:

“As English language teachers, we constantly encounter ideas and suggestions about how we might teach. We are often encouraged to ‘engage with theory’ and to share good practice as part of our professional development. One way of doing this is by reading and writing for publication in “academic” journals. In this workshop, we will examine why you might want to get published in an "academic", peer-reviewed journal, and how to go about it.”

Graham was joined by Darío Luis Banegas (AJAL Editor) and María Palmira Massi and Magdalena Zinkgraf as panel members.

This event was free of charge and generously supported by the British Embassy in Buenos Aires and FAAPI.

You can access Graham's slides here and listen to the panel session here.